Internal competence training in HSC/ESC

To contribute to the people competence program and give everyone an opportunity to enhance and expand their skillset, Kalmar Training Centre for KAS has published the dates for the straddle carrier technical training events in 2020.

Courses for Commissioners and RC Operators

Tampere Technology and Competence Centre is bathing in sunshine and a rare heat wave, while some 20 commissioning engineers from Poland and Finland are attending an in-depth training course.

Technical Training and RC Operator Training Courses

We had two quite different training courses this week, both in Finland and abroad. One was held for a customer in France about the technical details of their ESC 350. The personnel now know the structure of the machine and how all the systems work.

Advanced Electrical Training

At the moment, we have some experienced service engineers visiting the Tampere Technology and Competence Centre to learn more about the hybrid solution. We were contacted by a customer who wanted to deepen their knowledge on their HSC 350 machines, so we invited them over for a tailored course to learn from the experts.

HSH and ASC Trainings

This week, our Training Manager travelled to Italy to give the customer's service engineers a thorough walk-through of Kalmar Hybrid Shuttle Carrier. After the course with both classroom and hands-on learning, the personnel will be familiar with the structure, systems and functions of the HSH.

Internal Product Training on Shuttle and Straddle Carriers

Internal trainings are an essential part of sharing product knowledge for people who are not directly involved in the product development in their daily work. We are able to tailor internal courses on various subjects on request, just like we do for our customers.

Shuttle Carrier Training in Spain

Our training team will spend the next three weeks in Spain, giving Technical Training courses on ESH 250 Shuttle Carrier for our customer's personnel. The course is a mixture of classroom and hands-on training, and will cover electric, mechanic, hydraulic and PLC functions.