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Internal competence training in HSC/ESC


To contribute to the people competence program and give everyone an opportunity to enhance and expand their skillset, Kalmar Training Centre for KAS has published the dates for the straddle carrier technical training events in 2020.

“This is now the first time we lay down dates for technical training events in advance. In this project-oriented business, the request for training very often - if not always - comes from the front line once it is expecting a delivery to take place. Sometimes this falls too late”, says Kimmo Forsman, Manager for Training & Documentation at Tampere TCC.

The events are internal. As they are primarily designed for maintenance personnel, the depth of technical detail of the trainings presuppose a certain level of knowledge and skillset.

“Should there be a demand, we are prepared to arrange similar trainings at a more general level, too”, Kimmo continues.

There will be 5 reoccurring technical training events for ESC and HSC next year: 3 for the hybrid machines and 2 for the ESC/ESH.

More information about these internal trainings is shared on Kalmar LEARN.

The dates for automation training events have already been decided, as well. The contents will be confirmed after the new year has rung in.